Are Kodak Prescription Lenses any good?

Are Kodak Prescription Lenses any good?

KODAK prescription lenses are among the top premium popular prescription lenses on the eyewear market in Kenya today. KODAK lenses are made by Signet Armorlite are available for both single bifocal and trifocals (progressive) lenses.

If you're looking for premium quality lenses in Kenya, KODAK lenses should be on your list. These lenses provide clear and crisp vision and are available in;

  1. Photochromic branded as EvoSun
  2. Blue Block branded as UVBlue and EvoBlue lenses

KODAK prescription lenses come with proprietory lens coating technology known as Clean&Clear. KODAK's Clean&Clear Lens coating is designed to;

  1. Reduce bright and irritating glare, giving wearers less chance of experiencing eye fatigue.
  2. This lens is also 10 times easier to clean, leading to a lower risk of surface contaminants.
  3. Additionally, the lens is engineered to repel dirt and water, making it extremely durable.

kodak prescription lenses

KODAK lenses are available in intro lenses as well.

Understanding KODAK prescription lenses

KODAK lenses come in three types to match your lifestyle: UVBlue, EvoBlue and EvoSun lenses.

  1. UVBlue lenses are designed to reduce blue light exposure and help to protect your eyes from potential long-term damage.
  2. EvoSun are photochromic lenses, these lenses tint when you're outdoors protecting your eyes from too much sunlight.
  3. EvoBlue on the other hand offers both blue light and sunlight protection.

KODAK lenses in Kenya

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