Equip your Adventures: It's Time You Got Prescription Sunglasses

Equip your Adventures: It's Time You Got Prescription Sunglasses

Rainy season is over: the sun's always out, so should your prescription sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are now gaining popularity due to their combined benefits of fashion and functionality.

These glasses provide protection against harmful UV rays while correcting vision impairments. In this post, we will cover some of he frequently asked questions around prescription sunglasses and why they should be a must-have accessory for anyone who wears prescription glasses.

Are prescription sunglasses worth it?

Yes, a solid yes. Prescription sunglasses are definitely worth the investment.

Picture yourself on a sunny Sunday afternoon, out in the park with friends. Nice yellow casual shorts on, a white polo shirt, sandals on your feet all relaxed then bam, your everyday black rectangular glasses make their 268th appearance that year to spoil the look.

Prescription sunglasses offer you the opportunity to match your style and personality as they are available in various frame styles and color lenses. They can also be customized with coatings such as polarized  for enhanced functionality.

How much are prescription sunglasses?

Generally, there are two main categories of prescription sunglasses - polarised ones and non polarised ones.

The cost of prescription sunglasses will vary depending on three main factors:

  • The frame style one picks
  • The power needed on the lenses, and finally
  • The coatings on the lenses; polarised or non polarised.

Non polarised sunglasses lenses start from Ksh. 3,800 and polarised ones start from Ksh. 8,000. Prices of frame styles start from Ksh. 3,000. See some of our styles here.

Where can you get prescription sunglasses?

We at Mannys Eyewear are reknowned for our stylish frame styles. We can get you a pair of prescrption non polarised sunglasses in a day while polarised ones will take about two weeks as we have to order for these overseas.

What's the process of getting a pair of prescription sunglasses?

Getting a pair of prescription sunglasses is as easy as abc.

You first need to get an eye exam from an optometrist to determine your prescription: we offer free eye exams. Once we have your prescription, you can then pick out the frame style that suits your taste and budget. After that, we fit the lenses onto your frame of choice and deliver or you can pick up. 

As easy and as straight forward as that.

Prescription Sunglasses: The Conclusion

In conclusion, prescription sunglasses are worth the investment. They also come in different styles and colors to match your personality and fashion sense.

At Mannys Eyewear, we offer stylish frames and quality lenses for both polarized and non-polarized sunglasses at affordable prices. Visit us today to get yourself a pair of fashionable and functional prescription sunglasses!