How do you take care for your eyeglasses

How do you take care for your eyeglasses

Knowing how to take care of your eyeglasses is imperative in order to prolong their life and maintain their functionality. To ensure your glasses last long, please consider the following tips for cleaning, wearing, and storing your eyewear.  

Cleaning your eyeglasses

Dry cleaning

When you buy new glasses from Mannys, a microfibre clothis included in the packaging. Clean your glasses exlusively using this microfibre cloth. This cloth is designed to be washed and reused.   

Water cleaning

To clean your eyeglasses with water, use a mild soap and cold water. Lather the lenses with the soap and clean using your hand. Be sure to rinse off the glasses thoroughly and dry them with your microfibre cloth.

When using cleaning sprays instead of water, use only specially designed sprays for cleaning eyeglasses. Anything else might damage your glasses.

Professional cleaning

At Mannys Eyewear, we offer professional eyeglass cleaning services using a specialized machine to thoroughly remove dirt from your frame and lenses. This cleaning is provided at no additional cost, and we also ensure that the frame of your eyeglasses is aligned. Stop by today for your cleaning needs!  

How do you wear your eyeglasses?

Establish healthy habits for wearing glasses, especially those with prescription lenses.

Avoid placing the glasses on the forehead. It is important to be mindful when taking off eyeglasses not to simply drive them up to the head as the top of the head is typically wider than the face, causing the frames of the glasses to expand.

Use both hands. When putting on or taking off eyewear, experts advise using both hands on each temple arm to ensure proper alignment and reduce potential changes in the frame fit over time.

If you often lose or misplace glasses, consider investing in a glasses strap. This is usually preferred to putting your glasses in a shirt pocket or hanging them from your shirt’s collar, as these positions encourage twisting or even damage from falling.

Storing your eyeglasses

Store your glasses appropriately. Use the hard case that comes with your Mannys glasses to store your eyewear.

Don’t leave the glasses in a hot place, like on the dash of a sun-parked car. Heat causes damages to the antiglare on your lenses.

Avoid placing the eyewear in your pocket or bag without putting them in a hard case first. Bag contents could easily scratch or crush and damage your glasses.  

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